July 19, 2018

Geo-targeting and Special Guest Shelly Loftin

John and Josh are back with an in-depth discussion on how geo-targeting works (sort of) and how you can use it to optimize your bank’s digital campaigns. The hosts also welcome special guest Shelly Loftin, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking and Payments and Lending for the American Bankers Association. She discusses the upcoming ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, where things are rumored to get “Dungeness,” as well as John’s tiny feet—which are rumored to be size six or smaller

Shelly Loftin lives in a world of branding, banking, and boys. She is a banker who was promoted to customer then turned ABA team member. Loftin believes banking and education should be fun, simple and helpful. She is a mom to two superheroes, ages 7 & 4. Her career started in the nerve center of the bank, the proof department, when she was 15. Loftin learned to run a sorter, key like a champ and became fascinated with how banking worked. After a few years of keying, balancing and counting zeroes, she held multiple retail roles including teller, customer service representative, and financial service representative before transitioning to the marketing side of banking. For the past 14 years, Loftin has worked on branding, marketing & retail in several positions at various community banks. Prior to joining the American Bankers Association, she was Chief Administrative Officer at Bear State Bank. Connecting brand, culture & customer experiences across channels is her passion. She is a cultivator of member happiness. Passionate about improving the experience banking business. Brand ambassador, training enthusiast, conference concierge, design fanatic, team builder and infographic nerd. Covey facilitator, creative collaborator, culture advocate, professional learner and happiness sharer. Forever a Bear, as there are always trails to blaze & pawprints to explore. A millennial–kind of. Solving problems collaboratively is Loftin’s preferred way to work and she is a strong supporter of communication.