January 03, 2019

Episode 69 | Balancing Art vs Data with Drew Grossman

Is Marketing Money now a sports podcast? Drew “Rex” Grossman, Associative Creative Director at Mabus Agency, joins our dynamic duo to clarify that he’s not the former Chicago Bears quarterback and share a few stories about his previous work for the Atlanta Hawks. Eventually, Josh, John, and Drew dive into a captivating dialogue about how to balance data-driven work with the power of creativity. Tune in for practical bank marketing advice and sports commentary that nobody asked for.

As Associate Creative Director at Mabus Agency, Drew oversees advertising and branding for bank marketing clients. He’s worked with major brands, including the Atlanta Hawks, New Balance and National Geographic, as well as many national and regional financial institutions. As an advertising copywriter, his work has been recognized by the American Advertising Awards, the Telly Awards and various financial services trade organizations. In 2017, he won a National CUNA Diamond Award for Best Financial Brand Make Over and Advertising Campaign for Workers Credit Union, out of Boston. For the 2018-2019 NFL season, Drew spearheaded creative ideation and execution on two sponsorship deals between a large, national financial institution and the Los Angeles Rams and Las Vegas Raiders. Drew has a bachelors degree in creative writing from Florida State University and masters degree in communications from the University of Maryland.