Interviewing for a marketing position can be challenging for potential new employees and employers alike. If you’re an employer looking for good content, can the potential new employee write? For digital platforms, can they create in the appropriate channels? What about the ability to put on events, stay within a budget and interact with fellow associates with multiple roles in a larger organization? In this edition of the Marketing Money Podcast, John and Josh explore their interviewing experiences and what they look for when trying to find that marketing unicorn. So get ready to talk about your skills for that job and, oh yeah, never forget to write a thank you note. It’s time to shine those shoes and polish off that resume for this edition of the Marketing Money Podcast.

In the world of marketing and advertising, Content is KING. Not only is quality content important to engage your current audience, it’s vital to expanding your reach. In this episode of the Marketing Money Podcast, John and Josh talk about the importance of building quality content and where to find it. Listen in for tactics and strategies to use for your financial services institution.

To the small business owner, there is no such thing as small business. That should be the same mindset for banks serving small business clients. So if you are a bank looking to market your products and services to small business clientele, this podcast is for you. In this edition of the Marketing Money Podcast, John and Josh explore tactics, theories and strategies for attracting small business to your financial services institution.

Checking accounts are necessary, but they’re confusing. The choices are endless due to an insane variety of options for products that essentially do the same thing. Senior adults, students, rewards, interest, free, etc. — there are so many options for consumers. How do you know which ones are right for your target market and your bank? In this Marketing Money Podcast, John Oxford and Josh Mabus discuss the various types of checking accounts, their pros and cons, and why they may or may not be right for your bank. Also as an added bonus, here’s a clip of John on Fox discussing bank reg reform. It’s mentioned in the podcast so we’ll save you the Googling and provide you the link here (around 1:30): John on Fox Business

Back to the Future was a really good movie, but will the Bank of the future be a really good bank? With the bank of the future, will it be more mobile or brick and mortar based? With ATMs becoming smarter everyday, will the bank of the future affect staffing models as well as consumer marketing? GREAT SCOTT! In this episode, Marketing Money Podcast discusses the bank of the future and what you need to be prepared.

Cross-selling. It’s become an evil word—or possibly evil words with a hyphen? It once meant a client simply purchasing multiple products or services based on an additional need found during the sales process. Then, aggressive marketers turned it into an excuse to push quotas on frontline employees. The very thought makes many client service reps bristle. But if done correctly, an expanded relationship, which meets understood needs, is good for both the client and the company. In this Money Marketing Podcast, the proper ways to cross-sell are discussed as well as some myths of how cross-selling has received a bad rap over the past few years. We’ll begin by cross-selling you on listening to this podcast with a couple of links to some comical marketing. Please listen and enjoy.

Surveys say that three out of four people make up 75% of the world’s population. Surveys, polls and questionnaires… sometimes we think it’s a lot of dumb common sense. In this edition of the Marketing Money Podcast, John Oxford of Renasant Bank and Josh Mabus of the Mabus Agency explore the depths of surveying and give some real examples of success and failure when gathering information. From getting an idea of where your bank stands with the public to managing client expectations and measuring your brand awareness, the right survey can be a powerful catalyst in delivering your marketing tactics. If done poorly, it can also be painful both economically and reputationally. So sit back and listen because 60% of the time a survey works every time.

What exactly is the role of a financial marketer? As with many questions, the answer is, it depends. Some marketers are members of their company’s ALCO committee, are involved in strategy and have heavy influence on their organization’s brand. Others order t-shirts, make sure the Facebook page has positive posts and send out logos for nonprofit sponsorships. Truth be told, the role is probably somewhere in between – from high level strategy to entry-level dirty work. In this podcast the Marketing Money Podcast team discusses a recent column in the American Banker on the role of the marketer, how frustrating some of a marketer’s daily tasks can be and how financial institutions and marketers need to revisit the role of modern marketing personnel.

See sports marketing in action and hear about it on the Marketing Money Podcast.

Not many things fire people up more than cheering for their favorite sports teams. From high school to the pros, there are a lot of advantages to tying your brand to folks’ passions in sports. In this podcast, the Marketing Money fellows talk about sports branding and sports marketing and ways that banks can collaborate with teams, leagues and athletes, including items like affinity cards and local level sports sponsorships. It’s not a sports talk podcast but it is a sports-sponsoring talk podcast. Have a listen, and go team go!

Marketing Money Podcast is back with Jim Marion, Scott Welch and Cecelia Calaby. Listen in as we dig deeper into the world of Wealth Management.

Marketing Money Podcast is back with John Diehl, Dick Pfister, and David Batrich. Listen in as we dig deeper into the world of Wealth Management.

Marketing Money Podcast is on the road again with the American Bankers Association Wealth Management and Trust Conference in New Orleans. Listen in as John and Josh discuss what’s trending with the experts in these arenas.

An important job—if not THE most important job—marketers have in the banking world is growing deposits. Deposits are at the core of everything a bank does. Deposits fund loans. Deposits build relationships. Deposits provide avenues for revenue. If deposits could speak, they would tell you they are kind of a big deal. In this Marketing Money Podcast, deposits and simple campaign ideas surrounding their growth are the topics of discussion. Cha-Ching! It’s deposit time.

Big Game commercials and big time critics. In this special edition of the Money Marketing Podcast, the hosts break down the Superb Owl (we’re not sure who can say the name so we just call it a big game bird) advertisements and discuss their thoughts on which ones were the winners and losers of the evening. Was it too political?  Which ads hit the right spot for brand awareness? Which ads fell a little short? Forget Gaga and the actual game, we’re hooting about Superb Owl ads in this edition of the Marketing Money Podcast.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. While this may be true with in-person presentations, when it comes to email sales pitches, it’s actually the opposite. Welcome to the world of sales and business jargon. In this podcast, the Marketing Money hosts discuss those pitches that are just reaching out to touch base to open the kimono and get buy-in to help you sing from the same sheet of music at the end of the day with best practices. These jargon words are often a cover for lack of value or original thought in most marketing strategies, and we break down why you should stop using them and how to break through the clutter with your blue sky strategy…oh just stop it!

Have you ever tried to put your brand under the influence?  No, it’s not something for which you need a designated driver. And although we could keep the puns going, we’re actually talking about social influencers. In this Marketing Money Podcast, we discuss social influencers, what and who they are, how to find them, and whether they are right for your brand. If you’re thinking about finding an influencer to represent your brand, this is the podcast to help you determine the best course of action.

Selecting the right advertising agency for your financial institution can be a difficult proposition. You must start by finding answers to questions such as, “Do you even need an agency?”  “Do you have the budget for one?”  “What can you accomplish internally versus externally?” “Do you need an agency for a one-off project or an agency of record to help execute your brand vision?” And there’s that pesky budget thing, “What can you afford?” Once you’ve answered these questions (and a few more), it’s time to decide what kind of agency is the right fit for you. In this podcast, The Marketing Money team describes the use of ad agencies, how to go about finding the right fit and what to expect from your relationship with one.

How many are too many?  How many are too few? When it comes to bank marketing and department staffing, different banks of different sizes and strategic goals have different needs. And what about the needs and positions within your bank marketing department?  In this podcast, the Marketing Money team discusses all things in staffing your bank marketing department.

It’s that time of year again—budget season! That’s right, while your personal life revolves around trying to break for the holidays, your work life is knee-deep in trying to figure out how to budget for the next year, how you should divide your tactical allocations and just how much should you ask from management to achieve your goals. In this podcast, the Marketing Money team discusses all things budget. So get busy budgeting or die trying.

What goes into planning a commercial? The days of not being able to afford to produce commercials and mobile/web videos due to expensive video equipment are long gone. Today, with just an iPhone and proper lighting and sound equipment, many videos, especially for the Internet, can be produced quickly and inexpensively. However, know that if you’re going on traditional TV, high-quality production is still a must.  How to do you find the balance?  What is needed to produce the proper commercial?  In this podcast, the Marketing Money team goes over the process and planning required for various types of commercial shoots.

Billboards. Those amazing signs you drive by every day. How do they work in your marketing campaign. From digital to static — strategy to concept, John and Josh discuss how outdoor advertising fits into your bank marketing mix.

Listen in to the ABA Annual Convention

While everyone seems to be focused on the digital transformation in marketing, the in-branch experience is still very important to your clients. In this podcast, the Marketing Money team explores various in-branch marketing opportunities and challenges, while discussing today’s modern bank branch. If you’ve been thinking about redesigning or updating your bank’s branch, this podcast is for you. In addition, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us. Happy listening.

The Marketing Money guys are everywhere—this time podcasting directly from the exhibition hall at the 2016 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

This conference is the annual hub for bank CMOs, marketing directors, sales managers, financial services execs, and CEOs from across the country. It’s where they get together to talk about what’s next. Sound like a lot? It is.

John Oxford of Renasant Bank and Josh Mabus of Mabus Agency are here to help you out. They’re checking in with conference presenters, exhibitors, and attendees for the full range of perspectives on what’s new, what’s important, and what everyone in the industry is talking about.

While digital marketing has disrupted print as an advertising medium, there is still a place for this very traditional form of brand messaging. But, you still have to do it right.  In this Marketing Money podcast, John Oxford and Josh Mabus cover the ins and outs of print advertising, what makes a good print ad and what do they consider to be mistakes in the print marketing arena.

It’s one of the oldest forms of modern direct marketing. With the rise of digital and sexier forms of targeted marketing, is there still a place for it in your marketing mix? In this podcast, the Marketing Money Podcast boys discuss various strategies for direct mail, how to save on your list, how to target or not target depending on your goal, and what you should expect with a direct mail program.

Email. Should you keep it in the CAN or bust it out like a piece of sweet tasting SPAM?  Today, email is one of the most challenging marketing tactics.  With spam blockers, cluttered inboxes, mandatory opt-out or opt-in offerings and the like, setting the right strategy and executing it is more important than ever. In the podcast, the Marketing Money guys discuss how to run a successful email marketing program for your financial intuition.

What does a good website look like? What should your website do functionally? Should you think “mobile first” or build your site for the desktop user? In this podcast, the Marketing Money guys focus on bank websites, their functionality, and how important design is in the process. They also take a question about budgeting in marketing. If you’re about to refresh your website or need some advice on your site, this is an in-depth podcast for you.

Signage is a very important part of the customer experience within your branches. It can help build brand equity, reinforce a life cycle purchase, remind a client of a product they might need, create a call to action or announce something your bank is doing in the community. Although it’s not rocket science, properly setting up your signs can be a challenge – in location, style, design and dollars. In this podcast, the Marketing Money guys discuss digital signage, what goes into a digital signage plan and how to properly execute this plan.

With the usage of mobile devices surpassing desktops, geo-fencing and geo-conquesting are two of the hottest trends in marketing. The location tracking tools allow you to specifically target customers in specific locations with location-specific messages.

Location-based marketing is all about finding the right person at the right time with the right message — all in the digital and mobile space — to lead them to your bank.

In this episode, Josh and John explore all things geo-marketing, give examples of its usage, how to deploy it as a tactic as well as a few hints on what not to do.

How do you craft the perfect tagline?  John and Josh breakdown ideas behind creating the best line for your company, discuss popular taglines and reveal tactical rules for discovering how to tell you story in five words or less.